For kids with food allergies

Our Story

From Personal Experience to Professional Innovation

We are pediatricians, clinical researchers, and most importantly, parents of a child with food allergies. When our son was young, we faced the daily challenge of preparing and meticulously chopping boiled eggs to provide him with small, safe portions. This routine became a significant burden alongside our professional responsibilities.

From this experience, our passion grew to support families of children with food allergies by easing their daily management. We wanted to reduce the burden on these families and help children incorporate allergens into their diets easily and safely.

We also recognized the importance of simplifying, securing, and standardizing oral food challenge tests conducted in medical facilities. We believe that making these challenge tests easier, safer, and more consistent benefits not only healthcare professionals but also the children themselves.

  • "Supporting children in their journey to eat and be able to eat safely."
  • "Contributing to the happiness of children with food allergies and their families."

This is our heartfelt desire and passion.


While our products are designed to enhance safety in oral food challenges, it is important to understand that individuals with allergies may still experience allergic reactions to the allergens in our products at a certain frequency. Our concept of safety does not imply that allergic reactions will not occur. Rather, there is evidence supporting the use of our products in oral food challenges (OFC) and oral immunotherapy (OIT).